same™ is a new generation of intraoperative autotransfusion for haemorrhagic or high-risk surgery, able to recovering platelets and red blood cells.

“Our medical device, which is positioned as an alternative or complement to allogenic blood transfusions (from a donor), offers several advantages: First, autologous transfusion (with the patient’s own blood) reduces the risk of contamination and incompatibility for the patient. Secondly, our technology simplifies the work of physicians. And finally, it responds to a public health issue by reducing the pressure on blood banks and reducing costs.”

– Francis GADRAT, MD and co-founder

During the operation, same™ collects the patient’s spilled blood, processes and concentrates it for retransfusion with red blood cells and platelets.

This process avoids the risks of incompatibility, contamination and post-op complications induced by donor blood transfusion.

Our first
clinical results


Red Blood Cells recovered


Platelets recovered


Stable hematocrit concentration over treatment cycles


Platelet functionality

Mansour A et al. Combined Platelet and Red Blood Cell Recovery during On-pump Cardiac Surgery Using same™ by i-SEP Autotransfusion Device: A First-in-human Noncomparative Study (i-TRANSEP Study). Anesthesiology 139(3):287-297, september 2023. 1

same™ ergonomic
& intuitive usage

same™ guides the user through installation and treatment.
System installation is completed in 2-3 minutes.

Pre-assembled kit

Quick and intuitive installation

Filtration cycles aligned with surgical time

6 min / 500 mL*

Intuitive software

Step-by-step system

Quick installation

2-3 minutes

* In-vitro study.

Why re-infuse your patients with platelets?

same™ technology is recommended for any bleeding surgery and designed for a broad target of adult patients.

By saving platelets, same™ aims at:

  • Improving Patient Blood Management

  • Reducing overall allogenic transfusion and relieving pressure on supplies

  • Rapidly restoring hemostasis by conserving transfusion ratio

  • Shortening patient ICU stay

These criteria are part of our PMCF and registry. Initial results available.

same™, a solution
for hospitals

sameᵀᴹ  is a powerful solution for hospitals looking at reducing costs and improving patient care.

Using the i-SEP budget model, based on literature & clinical results validated by French experts, with European cost structure:

25% cost reduction using sameᵀᴹ in patients with severe hemorrhage


≈ €400,000 saved per year per 1,000 IOCS

Sample hospital with 1,000 hemorrhagic surgeries per year

  • Takes into account direct and indirect costs related to current IOCS device (no capex) or same™ (including capex), ICU dav-stays triggered by adverse events (RBC + platelets).
  • Does not include: extended hospital stay outside ICU, reduction of coagulation factors usage, or clinical benefits expected in patients not receiving allogeneic transfusion.

Experts’ Voices

Kai Zacharowski, MD (University Hospital Frankfurt)

NATA Congress - April 2024

Fadi Farhat, MD (Infirmerie Protestante de Lyon)

NATA Congress - April 2024

Alexandre Mansour, MD (CHU Rennes)

CAPSO Congress - December 2023

Christophe Laurent, MD (CHU Bordeaux)

CAPSO Congress - December 2023

Antoine Dewitte, MD (CHU Bordeaux)

CAPSO Congress - December 2023

Aryeh Shander, MD (TeamHealth Research Institute, US)

NATA Congress - April 2022

Kay Zacharowski, MD (University Hospital Frankfurt)

NATA Congress - April 2022

Alexandre Mansour, MD (CHU Rennes)

NATA Congress - April 2022